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D&D Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (Alt Cover) Expand

D&D Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (Alt Cover)

Wizards of The Coast Wizards of The Coast



D&D Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (Alt Cover)

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Meet Fizban the Fabulous: doddering archmage, unlikely war hero, divine avatar of a dragon-god—and your guide to the mysteries of dragonkind.
What is the difference between a red dragon and a gold dragon? What is dragonsight? How does a dragon’s magic impact the world around them? This comprehensive guide provides Dungeon Masters with a rich hoard of tools and information for designing dragon-themed encounters, adventures, and campaigns. Dragonslayers and dragon scholars alike will also appreciate its insight into harnessing the power of dragon magic and options for players to create unique, memorable draconic characters.


Introduces gem dragons to fifth edition!

Provides Dungeon Masters with tools to craft adventures inspired by dragons, including dragon lair maps and detailed information about 20 different types of dragons

Adds player character options, including dragon-themed subclasses for monks and rangers, unique draconic ancestries for dragonborn, additional spell options, and a feat

Presents a complete dragon bestiary and introduces a variety of dragons and dragon-related creatures—including aspects of the dragon gods, dragon minions, and more

Reveals the story of the First World and the role the dragon gods Bahamut and Tiamat played in its creation and destruction


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D&D Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (Alt Cover)

D&D Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (Alt Cover)